Get in touch and let us understand why the next Hejma story will be about you or one of your friends! We're looking for genuine stories, natural ingredients and the people that make it all happen. 



From Gourmet dishes to home backyard garden salads, you can hire Hejma to tell your story! Wether you are a producer with love for your work and passion for your methods, a Tourist Board tired of the standard way of telling stories or an event organizer who would like to tell the magic of the event: you can call us and we'll happy to understand what is all about and find the best way to tell your story. 

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Food is life. Good food is good life. 
Hejma (“domestic” in Esperanto) spreads the love of good, healthy food, and sustainable eating and living. Join us as we discover how to eat better and lead a more natural lifestyle. 

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Food is life. Good food is good life.

Hejma (“domestic” in Esperanto) goes back to the roots of the Mediterranean culture to discover authentic Croatian cuisine, local food folklore, and the people that make it all happen. The journey starts in Istria, Croatia’s most indulgent culinary region. We’ll look for good healthy Istrian food, wine and olive oil makers, and traditional food feasts, uncovering local delicacies and the stories behind them as we go along.

The pot is just warming up…